Jennilee Porch

Be the presence of possibility and watch your world change.


Master Coach and Access Bars® Facilitator

Is now the time to choose something greater in your life and business? Ease with money, relationships, business, bodies, leadership and so much more is truly possible when you unleash the power and brilliance that is you. What if you didn't have to get it right and you're not getting it wrong? What would you create from the space of possibility?

Trust your knowing. If it feels light and expansive to reach out - let's connect!

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"Jennilee has been an amazing guide to peace and the opening of possibilities in my life. She has a sense of calm that is profound. Her coaching is full of a light energy that guides you with ease. She is an expert in communication and welcoming!"

-- Mariquita Solis

"Jennilee simply IS. She IS in the moment. Jennilee IS real and authentic. While Jennilee coached me I always felt as though I was the the reason for our co-existence. I appreciate the journey we experienced and the realities I discovered -- without judgment and ALL authenticism, Jennilee IS the real deal. When you have doubt, when you question safety, and when you need someone to push you into greatness, Jennilee IS there for you. Be vulnerable. Be real. And, experience the IS that Jennilee brings to the equation. Make those hopes and dreams become a reality -- I guarantee you that Jennilee will be there by your side with a calming voice and beautiful spirit to support you and ask the difficult questions."

-- Matthew Woolsey, Ed.D.

"Jennilee has a kind and gentle presence that immediately made me feel at ease to be as honest and open as I needed to be to achieve the goals I set out to accomplish. It’s not easy to be so vulnerable, but she listens so closely to hear the things I’m not saying, that I am able to dig deeper when I need to. Her intuition is always spot on. I’m also someone who needs to be held accountable, and she does that in a way that feels very supportive, but doesn’t let me off the hook. If you’re looking for a coach who will inspire you to keep working toward your greatest goals and dreams, Jennilee has the presence and skill to help you launch what you want most. She is simply a phenomenal coach."

-- Nancy LaJamba

I had a really great Reiki session with Jennilee. She was very gentle and bright, and her work went very deep. I had a lot of interesting journeying as she was moving the energy throughout the session, and I processed and shifted a lot with her support. I look forward to connecting with her again in the future.

-- Katrina Krogstad

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